The coffee ground in your own store is a synonymous of value for your customer and also a guarantee of performance in terms of quality of the product.
This is the reason why the MAB, S2 and S3 series are able to ensure high professional performance also for small-scale producers. Extremely resistantmaterials and design  allow to maintain a high quality level of the machine during continous production cycles. Moreover, the shop grinders have been studied to ensure a fast grinding without overheating the product and mantain constant profiles of granulometry.
Whatever type of coffee you want to produce, the Petroncini shop grinders  guarantee  stability and maximum success of the process. Thanks to its design and solid materials, these series ensure a high level of maintenance during continuous production cycles.
Professional models MAB and S2/S3 are available with blades of 120mm and 140mm in diameter, that allow to obtain different particle sizes: from the finer the turkish coffee up to the less refined one like filter coffee.