The research and development of new technologies and synergies, have enabled Petroncini to produce and refine roasting flexible systems that take application in the food and confectionery industry.
We realize a wide range of roasters for cocoa and dried fruit:
the special versions that are used in laboratories for research and development;
the industrial versions, particularly suitable for roasting grain products such as cocoa, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios.
We designed and built this version of roasters in order to optimize the specific thermodynamic cycle  of every product. For example, granular products with higher concentration of oily components are processed with a specific roasting cycle to obtain a finer aromatic component and preserve the organoleptic properties.
In combination with roasters for dried fruit,  we have studied the most efficient systems for air cooling:
traditional type air cooling, with tank in section and circular handling;
vibrating channels air cooling, particularly suitable for preserving the integrity of the roasted product.
The roasting drum of this series cover a range of capacity from 5 kg/cycle up to 600 kg/cycle. The roasters are also equipped with a full automatic control systems and a dedicated software  for the roasting profile management.