TMR ROASTERS MODELS have modular architecture with an external heat generating unit. Therefore, the roasting process takes place totally by forced convection of hot indirect air.
The modular architecture allows a greater production  thanks to the recirculation system of heat adopted. This configuration allows more flexibility in terms of installation layout and of roasting profiles settable. At the same time it allows obtaining an unlimited variability of sensorial coffee profiles .
TMR MODEL ROASTERS  cover a range of production of medium/high capacity. In fact, it has been specially conceived for industrial productions that require high profitability and repeatability of the roasting processes during the various stages of work.
Roaster TM 250 kg / cycle
Roaster TM 400 kg / cycle
Roaster TM 720 kg / cycle
Stages management:
Full Automatic
Roasting Control System:
Automatic control of roasting profiles via PC

TMR MODULAR ROASTERS include a RECIRCULATION SYSTEM that allows to flexibly modulate the roasting air volume. This pack includes also a HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEM.
Petroncini HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEM  cleans up wastewater  from previous roasting processes. It allows decreasing in concentration of organic substances.
Therefore, it has substantial benefits on energy savings and limited impact on the environment in terms of Co2 emission.  This recycling system does not have any influence on the qualitative and the desired sensorial profile of the final product.
Furthermore, the RECIRCULATION SYSTEM adopted on the TMR helps in keeping cleaner the roasting drum, avoiding expensive maintenances and thus minimizing cleanup operations.