TT MODEL ROASTERS  have traditional and elegant architecture. The heat generating unit is positioned into the steel insulated chamber. The technology of the heat generator allows a perfect roasting control, optimizing the thermal efficiency and the roasting air quality. All the process takes place by forced convection of undirected hot air.

The materials and the constructive characteristics are particularly suitable for high temperatures, without modifying the structure of the functional parts of the machine. These materials minimize the heat dispersion, optimizing the thermodynamic cycle and the yield of the roasting process.
These roasters are perfect for those who want to get  coffee with dense and rich in aroma. For this reason, the roasters of this series are particularly suitable for small and medium production capacities and can be equipped with different systems of control and management of the roasting profiles.


TT 60 kg / cycle;
TT 120 kg / cycle;
TT 240 kg / cycle;
TT 400 kg / cycle.

Stages management and Roasting control systems:
Manual standard
Full automatic with roasting processing control via PLC
Full automatic with profile roasting control via touch panel PC

For high capacity industrial plants the TT models are available with SAVE ENERGY PACK . It includes a RECIRCULATION SYSTEM that allows to flexibly modulating the roasting air volume.
This pack includes also a HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEM.