Green Coffee Intake

Our engineers have developed a range of automated solutions, from a single bag to the container, in order to reduce labor and increase efficiency and security in all the phases of  green coffee intake. These solutions have been studied in order to satisfy  almost all our customers’ needs.
The green coffee can be received in different ways:
jute bags of 60/70 kg
big bags of 600/1000 kg
bags on pallets
bags container bulk coffee container
For each mode of reception, we design different types of automated handling:
telescopic belt for receiving bags from trucks
palletizer/depalletizer robots for bags
intake system for green coffee in bulk from truck with  receiving bulk green coffe from trucks with possibility to bag it in again o bagging ince again in big bags
pallet tilting system and bag opener
combined system for receiving/emptying bulk coffee containers  or jute bags
automatic system for cutting/emptying bags up to 1000 bags/h.