Roasting control

The Petroncini systems, thanks to the secolar experience in coffee roasting, developed specific and dedicated software that allows the operator to find most efficient roasting profile to get the best  results.  This software extrapolates many different sensory profiles from the single origin or coffee blend.

The PROFILE CONTROL SYSTEM  is available as traditional TT up to 400 kg/cycle and also in models Specialty Roasters up to a capacity of 20 kg/cycle. The thermodynamic cycle of indirected air convection and the insulated materials, highly resistant to temperature changes, allow to the Petroncini roasters, make this software very flexible in setting the roasting parameters. Through a touch screen panel, the roaster is able to set the parameters that will determine the roasting curve, depending on the various types of coffee, mixtures, in order to obtain the desired final taste.

Through the management of the modulating burner it’s easy and flexible to create a lot of roasting recipes, by setting the parameters of the hot air temperature in the roasting drum, of each set point of roasting temperature and coffee temperature, and the drum speed rotation.
The profiles of roasting and the graphics designed by the variables during operation are displayed and recorded on touch panel and easily exportable to PC.
Our engineers have developed a sophisticated roasting system management called IRC (INTEGRATED ROASTING CONTROL ). The repeatability of the process and the predetermination of the roasting profiles distinguish the I.R.C. system from the other roasting system control. This system consists on a clear and complete videogaphics and provides the ability to store all the cycles performed (up to 999 different profiles of toasting) associated with the program used to run them.

The “traditional” management systems provide a temperature - temperature control and the time is a dependent variable. Instead, the TMR roaster are equipped with a syste, that consider time as an independent variable and allow you to optimize whole the process, by setting the desired times in the various stages of roasting. So the user, compiling a program, can set the product temperatures and the next steps values that will be achieved on the times set in correspondence (from T 1 to T 30).

This control system ensures that the product obtained from the last roasting cycle will retain all the properties of roasted coffee in the first cycle, thus becoming a reliable facilitator for the repeatability of the product during the various stages of work. It also allows you to monitor values ​​such as dehumidification or dehydration, the development of color and flavor, refinization of aroma and consistency.replica zenith
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